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WooCommerce is built on the world’s most used CMS platform.

Dedicated e-commerce systems are tailored for online shopping and come with extensive functionality for this purpose. Sometimes, there is simply no need for advanced functionality, and it’s more important to get started easily without requiring an additional platform or a steep learning curve. WooCommerce can be a good solution in such cases, as it is a plugin that is 100% integrated into WordPress.

The fact that WooCommerce is a plugin and not a separate platform also makes it much easier to combine e-commerce with all other features you may need on your website. Everything is managed from a backend that is not exclusively built for e-commerce but suitable for handling the entire site.

Who Should Choose WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an obvious choice if you already have or want to have a WordPress website and need to add a small online store. It is easy to install and use. WooCommerce can also be a very good choice for subscriptions and membership solutions, not only in simple setups but also as part of more complex websites where WooCommerce can be used alongside other modules or custom functionality.

However, we do not recommend WooCommerce for solutions where the primary focus is product turnover, as dedicated e-commerce platforms like Magento provide better visibility and user-friendliness for larger product catalogs and include much more commerce-specific functionality.

Subscription Solutions

WooCommerce is not only suitable for simple products and can be a good solution for subscription-based businesses.

It’s not just online stores that need to be able to receive payments. If you have a payment member section or sell other types of subscriptions, you need to be able to receive recurring payments, and subscribers often need to be able to change their subscription, view payments and invoices, update credit card information, etc. And you must be able to manage the member base yourself.

For subscription businesses, WordPress + WooCommerce is often a good solution because there are several add-on modules to handle subscriptions, memberships, user rights, and recurring payments via, for example, Stripe. This makes the development of relatively complex websites considerably cheaper than if everything has to be customized specifically.

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